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“Since Bradford hasn’t returned my calls yet, I figured I’d just stop by here, to see if maybe see if it fell out the other night after the bar,” K-Lynn said.

“Sure, that’s fine.  You’re welcome to look around,” I said.

It’s just that the red pair was my favorite.  I have some blue ones like them, but I really like the red.  I just can’t stand the idea of losing them forever, you know?” K-Lynn said.

I told her I understood, and made a point of answering that Bradford had gone back to Houston on Sunday, back to class, returning to law school, and was really busy.  I tried to explain that he had this way of disappearing on everyone, old friends too, so really his absence was nothing personal.

“Well, at least I didn’t sleep with him,” K-Lynn said.  “So, you know, it’s not like he got much of me anyway.”

“Yeah, Bradford can be a jerk sometimes,” I said.

“Well, nothing to be too torn up over,” K-Lynn said.  “I’m just sorry he’s an asshole.

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