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Catherine noticed Katy had disappeared.  She’d probably slipped away upstairs, gone on to sleep.  She figured no one probably cared too much about her vote anyway.  Katy was one of the girls kept in the back, serving up the lemonade trays during parties.  There were a handful of girls in Tri-Kap that worked with Katy, all large legacies with important fathers, all who resembled them a bit too closely.  The girls with “a little too much of daddy in ‘em,” was the phrase Tri-Kap used to describe its heavier girls, or those with less delicate features.  On parents weekend Catherine was always amazed by how much truth there was in that description.  Despite their teacup sized mothers, these girls like Katy had broad shoulders, strong noses, and high foreheads like their fathers.  They were also louder and pushier, though usually out voted.