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The guy’s name was David, though it might as well have been Bobby, John, or Justin, which was why Catherine called him Omelette.  There was a little diner down the block from the Fiji house that had pictures of breakfast foods on the cover of the late night menu; there was a slice of bacon, an omelette, a piece of toast, some sausage and a bagel, all drawn with similar smirking faces. Catherine had noted the similarity one late night after the Fiji Jungle Party, when she and Katy were at the diner.  Katy said it looked like the foods were smirking, because they knew where they were going – straight to her ass.  This comment got equated with the Fiji boys, since they were always trying to ‘get some ass.’ That’s when Catherine noticed that the faces on the omelette and the piece of bacon looked just like David and his best friend Eli.  From then on, David and Eli forever became known as Omelette and Bacon, the stupid pictures of dancing food.