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The pledge Katy fought for came from a place too small to be worthwhile to Tri-Kap.  Longview didn’t have the money associated with Houston or the glamour attached to Dallas.  This girl, labeled “a dork,” had no family name to compensate for place, whereas Katy’s membership had been secured through her oil legacy and father’s political office; these extras made it possible for Tri-Kap to overlook Katy’s Longview roots.  The new pledge’s final mistake, however, had proven the problems usually associated with small town roots, appearing in the form of her poor designer knock-off – a little too short, a bit too tight.   Most of the girls in Tri-Kap wore the real label and could easily spot a fake.  So while the girl’s instincts were right, her bank account was off.  Everyone seemed to understand that this final mistake justified her elimination, all except Katy.