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He watched as one of the old men beside him puffed out fruity rings, apricot maybe, pure tobacco.  Nathan observed the old man adjusting the coal at the hookah’s top, blowing on it to increase the heat.  This irritated him too, he wanted to smoke, but preferred his toxic, cancer causing, Marlboros.  But, he was out now.  He’d given Catherine his last one.  He remembered he was the one who’d introduced her to them, however many years ago.  He’d enjoyed last night watching the red lipstick rings she left on the butt, the familiar way she ground it down into the ashtray.  They’d touched briefly, a reward for his last cigarette, as she’d allowed him to cup his hands around her own holding it steady, helping her with a light.  That was the first time he’d felt her, since the night before they’d parted.  Him returning home, her, where she’d gone he never knew. 

Planck’s Constant