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Upon reaching his room, Nathan was glad he’d originally planned on returning to Berlin today.  This meant everything would be neat, all his clothes and papers packed away, placed just so inside his suitcase.  The green light flashed, and as Nathan opened the door, Catherine walked in ahead of him.  Nathan was relieved, watching Catherine sprawl herself across the width of his bed, kicking off her heels.  For a moment he watched her, blonde ringlets spreading across his pillow, and it reminded him of home. Or at least of a home they’d shared, just a couple of years ago.  This memory, it was because Nathan had always woken up earlier than Catherine, especially on days when it was cold.  Sometimes he woke up to do work first, but always to make coffee, before returning to her.  It was nothing he needed or preferred, so much as it was something for Catherine.  It was his way of whispering good morning.  It was also an easy excuse for him to return to their bed, hoping to rouse her happily to him, since Nathan knew Catherine disliked mornings.  And so it was this, usually upon returning with two cups, Nathan would find nothing more than a mass of curls sticking out from beneath the sheets, spread across his pillow

Planck’s Constant