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Luckily, he reminded himself that Sadie was simple, at least by comparison, as she’d had never mastered the art of forcing words that contradicted with her self.  He reminded himself again that this was a good thing.  He preferred it.  She was simpler, leaving Nathan in charge.  In fact, he’d fallen for Sadie after returning alone, marrying her a year almost to the date of his rejection.  Though now, as he’d watched Catherine sitting across from him, lean in build, leaning into his gaze, he felt something he hadn’t since she’d left.  These feelings for her, they were something he’d hoped time would fade.  Isn’t that what people always said?  Feelings fade with time.  He thought bitterly that it was another cliché that held true only for the simple and stupid in society, which left him in the shock of living its opposite.  He wasn’t above elitism, though like many things it was something he’d never voice.  And so here he was, back with Catherine, left with this increase, an avalanche smothering him, exponential in terms of the time he’d been left to think, multiplied again by his memories of her, all manifested now in the time it took to drink a beer, and listen to her sigh

Planck’s Constant