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It seems that many of my aunt’s old friends did cycle in and out that day, a strong representative of her martini women.  I use the term ‘martini women,’ because that’s the image that comes to mind when I think of Sandy and all her friends, all of them toasting glasses together.  The majority of these were your Highland Park type, in the classic sense, your Texas version of a Southern Belle.  Most of these women never worked outside of doing something with charities or benefits, living primarily off their trust funds, moving from father to husband, man to man.  Many of these women married either their high school, though usually it seemed to be their college boyfriends, men from Tri-Kappa’s brother fraternities, SAE, KA, and Beta.  In many ways the Greek system seemed to be an informal way of designating a self proclaimed Texas Aristocracy, a pattern that still exists today.  All big families in Texas, anyone linked to oil or ranching, know one another.  They marry in and out, over the course of  time, since many marry multiple times now. 

Tammy’s Tale