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Tiffany wrote a poem called, “Bundy, he’s no Bunny,” and I located a series of writings from each serial killer on their fan sites, which were compiled into our “letters to the editor” section; part of the grade was based upon ‘creative interpretation.’  So, we called it our magazine project, and both of us earned an ‘A.’  We figured part of the grade came from our teacher’s lack of knowledge and interest regarding the subject; this of course was partially why we’d chosen it.  Her name was Mrs. Lewis and she preferred projects that dealt with kinder, prettier issues like fashion trends and first ladies.  However, Mrs. Lewis was one of those who fancied her self to be an expert on all things she liked, meaning those approved of projects received lots of notes from her in the paper’s margins and at the end; inevitably, these always earned a lesser point count, a lower grade.  ‘Bundy, he’s no Bunny’ received a single check mark; Mrs. Lewis had nothing to say on that subject.