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Missy was afraid that the rumors she’d heard about her newest man, Mike, would be false.  This worried her. But after a couple Two Dog Nights playing pool, she had confirmed the truth.  The truth made her smile, because Mike measured up.  In fact he measured quite high, topping off her size chart, a new red dot near the top of the fridge.  So after that first night, Missy happily promised him another.  Though, the second time he made a mistake.  Because he’d taken her out after arguing a case, Mike hadn’t stopped to change out of his suit.  Not that there was anything wrong with the jacket and tie, but rather with what lay beneath.  Missy, it seems, had an unnatural aversion to what she called “tightey-whities.”  So it turns out his Hanes your Way, didn’t happen to be hers, because once he’d dropped his pants, she grabbed hers and stormed out the door.  Not even a goodbye.