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I'm watching his chest rise and fall.  John always sleeps so easily.  Sometimes, sometimes like tonight, I think it's a good thing.  He never notices when I'm upset.  Sometimes I think I might kick him, wake the guy just to see what he'd do.  But, I'm too embarrassed. The one time I tried it, poor John thought I was in the mood, or something like that, and proceeded with his half sleep ridden version of lovemaking.  When I complained the next day, he apologized, saying only that he thought it was erotic, my waking him up like that.  Of course after his response, I felt stupid.  He had no idea I was upset.  I suppose really that might not have been such a bad reaction, though, the whole love making thing, perhaps if it were done with some sort of feeling, or the right person.  The problem is it never occurred to John that I might wake him up for any other reason, which makes his reaction to me purely physical, which isn't really so bad either given the right situation.  Anyway, it's the only reason why John ever wakes me up, sex that is, which makes his assumption about me both human and understandable.