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Catherine thought about it, and had decided she'd made it clear to him what she wanted just then, as well as through stories of friends, and by other comments that passed between the two over the last few weeks.  Just yesterday she'd stated how great she thought it was that Brian had flown Carol to Hong Kong for her birthday, and wasn't that a wonderful idea?  She'd followed it by mentioning how much vacation time she'd accrued, having used none from the previous year either.  So then, like most big things Catherine desired, she'd been prepping him ahead of time; she'd been dropping hints like these through affirmations of others' actions, as well as by presenting interesting ideas picked out of books or articles, as well as through a series of references. It just wouldn't be the same if she had to demand it.  Plus, it was more fun to let him think he'd come up with the idea on his own. 

Something Beautiful