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Catherine was annoyed now that Nathan seemed to be working himself up, and over something she'd thought might be fun.  So rather than continue the discussion, as it seemed to be turning into an argument, she decided to change the subject.  She took the tiny cup, finished its remains, and smiled.  Catherine noticed Nathan was slipping away, only half there now, mind someplace else; she'd found that Nathan could maintain entire conversations without really ever hearing what was said.  When this happened she'd found the only way to pull him back to her was to jolt him into real time, some sort of physical shock, before he disappeared completely into thought.  So before she could loose him completely, in response to his ramblings and his barrage of questions Catherine took off her shirt and shot it across the room at Nathan.  He caught it, seemingly confused, though not at all upset.  After that, there was really nothing left to say.

Something Beautiful