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The one night we spent in a hotel, not riding trains, remains a blur of getting cheap Merlot and McDonalds McBeers.    At some point, though, when the sun was setting, I do remember doing a striptease for an old French man peering with his telescope; he sat across from us on another balcony peeping from across the street. Sabrina noticed him first, when she was taking a shower.   At some point, we figured if he really wanted to look, than why not give him something to watch.   We were on the eighteenth floor, so I doubt anyone else saw me kick off my underwear. I didn't mean for them to fall, but then I kicked a little too hard that night, and they were gone. I wasn't very happy about loosing them.   Really, the entire thing was done on a dare.  At least I won the twenty francs that night, and bought miniature Eiffel Towers the next day before returning to home.