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Lauren felt Jason exhale.  She wondered what he was thinking.  Always thinking.  Though, she decided that’s what made him so fun to play with.  He was unpredictable, which meant she never got bored.  Before they’d begun dating, Lauren had plowed through a series of men, one after another.  At one point she’d dated three simultaneously - there was Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.   None were aware of the others, though, she thought maybe they’d known.  She’d never been sure; more so, she’d never cared.  For the most part, they’d just been someone or perhaps more something to do.  They’d all been friends of hers, safe guys she’d known for years.  So at some point, she’d tried them all on, kinda like shoes, just to see if they fit.  But like most, there was always something wrong or perhaps just nothing right with any of them.  Nothing that made them bad, per say, just none worth the long term investment. 

First the Right, Then the Left