Something happened to Ol’ Brown around closing time that evening.  County Coroner’s report suggested it was either his heart or his lungs.  Colter said the old man was in the middle of receiving a lap dance from his favorite girl, Cheryll, when he keeled over face first, dead set smiling, into her freckled endowments.  Most suggested Ol’ Brown finally let himself go, dying happy knowing he’d found himself a son in Colter – someone to take over his girls, his business, and his trouble.  Seems just a few years before his doctors had proclaimed Ol’ Brown some kind of medical miracle, as he’d continued living at only fifteen percent lung and thirty percent heart capacity.  Ol’Brown cited his success to be the result of his Cohiba’s.   An avid cigar smoker, Ol’ Brown insisted his life force came from the noxious fumes of his three-a-day cigar habit, sent to him by way of a cousin Johnny, still living under Castro. Hence, at eighteen with two years experience under Ol’Brown, now dead and burried, Colter Wayne inherited the Beaver Hole, a cigar habit, and a new Cousin Johnny

Colter Wayne Hobbes