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That’s what she felt like this morning though, a smashed scorpion.  After the elimination of a friend, a real friend from home, someone who really knew her and was willing to join her in this game. They could have run the ‘walk of shame,’ together.  So this morning, it felt as if the Greek system had stomped her and ground her flat, hard shell broken, bleeding, gushing into the dirt.   She thought at the very least her sorority sisters should have allowed her out to meet and greet, since they always expected her around at night.  But instead they’d stuck Katy in the kitchen out of their prospective girls’ view, in the back with the Alumnae pouring punch.  That bitch, the rush chair, hadn’t even let her out when her best friend from Longview was coming through the house.  That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Instead of laying back and taking it for England, she had spent the last two years bent over taking it for Tri-Kap.

The Walk of Shame