Missy told me that I should tell him now, simply explain why I think it’s gross.  I told her how I’ve tried to move my hand away, but that he insistently puts it back.  Also, in one way, I don’t feel that I should find John as gross as I do.  Maybe another girl would love his strange behaviors.  I don’t want to ruin him for anyone else, though I can’t imagine being with that forever.  I’d have to go to Costco and buy Kleenex in bulk.  Plus, there’s the cat.  The cat loves to shred Kleenex, so if John misses the trash after an episode, that means there’s a good chance I’ll be cleaning up the shredded remnants of his self infatuation sometime during the next twenty four hours.   Gross.  Yes, I know.  Just imagine having to live it.

John, Again