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I remember after I had my surgery to remove the tumor formed by the Brown Recluse bite, my Uncle Johnny explained to me that I could have had it worse.  Johnny said, “There are spiders that exist in the Amazon that are as big as a fat baby’s head, which is why the natives call them ‘Bush Babies.’  They’re one of the most poisonous spiders in the world, except for the Daddy Longlegs.  Those would be the most poisonous spiders, if they could bite, but luckily their mouths are too small to bite anything but gnats.”  Continuing on, though, my uncle explained that there’s an entire tribe living down in the Amazon, all with missing arms and legs.  “The Bush Babies,” he said, “when they get hungry, they hunt the natives, leaping out of trees, chasing them on foot.  If one bites, before the native can kill it, this forces the amputation of the limb, to keep the poison from getting to the heart, which would otherwise stop it in a matter of minutes.”

Bush Babies