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In a similar manner to the anti-dildo legislation, a series of anti-sodomy laws were also raised and pushed through by Mr. Chisum in 1993.  Were it not for the West Texas constituency, these bills would have been raised and dismissed, as the Texas Senate, the more liberal of the two bodies of government, had already allowed the anti-sodomy legislation to be raised and dropped, along with many of the other archaic laws up that session.  As the anti-sodomy bill came up and was approved, Mr. Chisum won, in terms of keeping the law on the books within the new Texas Penal Code.  It was pointed out, however, that in order to make the law constitutionally sound, in addition to outlawing sodomy for homosexuals, it remained necessary to make it illegal it for heterosexual couples, too.  Thus, the law was rephrased to encompass any and all “sexual act[s] involving a sexual organ of one person with the anus of another.”  

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