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Because of this difference, Nathan figured Catherine wouldn’t be too hard to spot.  Plus, she would have been about the same height as most of the little men he watched hawking their wares.  After being bumped a couple of times, he decided to keep his hands in his pockets, so as to hang onto his wallet, passport, and the note.  He felt the note, a constant reminder, and wondered again what she’d meant. “Come back, quickly, lead me far away.  You’re all soul, when you want to be, when you feel it – now take me away;” he’d memorized her words, singsong, playing, bouncing around his head.  Nathan tried not to be so literal, tried to think like a woman.  It wasn’t working.  Where did she want him to take her, and away from what?  Nathan reminded himself he couldn’t take her anywhere, and continued looking at purses for Sadie.

Planck’s Constant