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She’d sat with her legs crossed towards him, using the straw that came with her drink.  It held something with vodka in it, though he didn’t remember her liking vodka, nor did he remember her using straws.  He would have remembered that; it drew attention to her mouth.  When they’d lived together in Berlin, then she’d had nothing but beer, that drawing attention instead to her lips.  He was curious as to what other changes he might find. He himself was married now, though he’d left his wife back in Texas.  The marriage was one in which his love had faded, but he believed in fidelity and so he reminded himself of Sadie sitting at home.  He reminded himself of her, though only mentioned Sadie once during their passing conversation.  He thought Catherine would remember Sadie, though, the plump secretary who’d answered phones in the department, and he was slightly embarrassed.  She was younger like Catherine, so it wasn’t that he was embarrassed by her age

Planck’s Constant