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“Now you know that crash was Herb’s fault, a drunken mistake.  ‘A drunken mistake,’ that’s what he told the jury,” Tammy said.  “I waited for that asshole a year, an entire year, before his parole.  And then, that son-of-a-bitch gets out only to tell me can’t live with no half-a-woman anymore. So Herb, he left, walked out the door on New Year’s Day.  He threw his bowl of black eyed peas at me, cursed that he don’t want no half woman, and walked right out, right on down the street to Wanda’s place.  Wanda was this woman who lived two blocks down.  Herb told me he needed himself a whole woman, and was going to get one.”   At this point, Tammy grew increasingly excited, knocking on her leg with one hand, and waving her other arm in the air, excited about what was coming next.

Tammy’s Tale