Colter’s decision to make sure Johnny made it over to the states was the one thing he felt he could do to repay the old man.  This event was something Ol’Brown had been working on the past two years, following his disgust over Che Guevara’s assasination; Ol’Brown believed the spirit and prospects of the revolution died back in Bolivia, 1967.  With most of the paper work involved complete, it was just a matter of Colter sending off the final forms and the money to Johnny for the ticket first to Miami, then on to Albequerque, where he’d meet him in the pick-up.  To guarantee Johnny a green card, Colter had promised the authorities his new cousin would own a share of the business, providing him with a steady daily income.  The two figured this would have to do until something better, more permanent, might be worked out. 

Colter Wayne Hobbes