Katy’s Craigslist Ad

Romeo . . . Where the fuck r u?

Just kidding!  So a little about me. . . . I’m a student in nursing, which means I care about people for a living.  I will have a great job soon, and can move where ever life takes me for work.  I’m in a sorority.  I have a two Pomeranians (I call them the Pom-tourage!)  My family loves me and I have a lot of friends, I am popular, I go out on the weekends.  I am cute, not gorgeous, not really even ‘hot,’ but if you describe women as hot, I am probably not interested in you anyway.  The one thing I am not is thin, not gross fat either, proportionate and curvy.  In other words, Richard Simmons isn’t visiting me and Jerry Springer isn’t taking the wall down on my bedroom, but I could stand to loose a few, like most people these days.  I go to church on Sundays (sometimes).  I love bad TV and silly movies.  I am just a normal girl looking for a future long term relationship/marriage.  I know I’m not supposed to say the ‘m’ word, but I’m looking for a new ‘m’ word, so no one under thirty need respond – I want someone ‘mature.’

Okay, NO PENIS PICTURES, if you’re for me, I promise you I’ll see it soon enough! ;)

OMG, thank goodness this is anonymous.