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Spring 2009
This issue includes work by Alan Bigelow, Jason Nelson, and a collaborative piece by Denise Duhamel and Ico Bukvic.
Managing Editor: Robert Walker
(Released May 2009)


Fall 2008
This issue includes work by Andy Campbell, Angela Ferraiolo, Michael Maguire, Nick Montfort, and a collaborative piece by Jason Nelson and Davin Heckman.
Managing Editors: Nick Kocz and Manisha Sharma
(Released December 2008)


Spring 2008
This issue includes work by Aya Karpinska, Sara Sloan Bailey, Travis Alber, and two collaborative works, one by Jennifer Smith and Caren Beilin and one by Daniel C. Howe and Bebe Molina.
Managing Editors: Weston Cutter, Lauren Jensen and Carrie Meadows
(Released May 2008)


Fall 2007
This issue includes work by Mark Marino, Karin Kuhlman, Tim Lockridge, Agam Andreas, Heather Raikes, Jody Zellen, and Carrie Meadows.
Managing Editor: Lauren Goldstein
(Released December 2007)


Spring 2007
This issue includes work by Stuart Moulthrop, Peter Ciccariello, Kelcie Edwards, Gita Hashemi, Alan Bigelow, Lewis LaCook, and Jason Nelson.
Managing Editor: Ben Kaja
(Released May 2007)


Fall 2006
This issue includes work by Jason Nelson, David Herrstrom, and Dan Weber.
Managing Editors: Laura Dulaney and Bryon Sabol
(Released January 2007)

ar5 Issues Prior to Fall 2006
Previous issues include works by Leslye Bloom, M.D. Coverley, Kathleen Dale, Edward Falco, Curtis Harrell, David Herrstrom, Robert Kendall, Lewis LaCook, Deena Larsen, Jeanne Larsen, Shuen-sing Lee, Bill Marsh, Adrian Miles, Christy Sanford, Weishaus-Sondheim, Stephanie Strickland, Eugene Thacker, and Joel Weishaus.
Editor: Edward Falco
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