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Salvador Barajas is a transdisciplinary artist and researcher based in the emerging post-NAFTA border zone of Southwest Virginia. His work explores the interplay between and betwixt visual culture, globalization and decolonial thought. His experimental sound work has been presented in dance festivals and galleries throughout the United States and Italy. He is currently conducting research on two collaborative documentaries that look at how new Latino/as immigrants are redefining the idea of Appalachia.

Artist Statement: As a post-Mexican terrestrial alien in residence in the central Appalachian Mountains, I look for the transformational possibilities in liminal spaces born out of the tension between visual, written and aural sources. My sound compositions, video mash-ups, and experimental hypertexts are patchworks of radiant fluid data fluttering in cyberspace. This "decolonial movida" is deeply informed by the Chicano/a concept of rasquachismo as an oppositional aesthetic practices and thought from the underside of modernity.

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