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Susan M. Gibb holds an A.S. degree in English supplemented with courses and ongoing study based in Creative Writing and New Media. She is a published writer of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction in literary journals such as Blue Print Review, elimae, Bewildering Stories and others. She has served as founder and editor of otto, the Tunxis Community College (CT) literary journal, and has produced and edited a traditional archery magazine sold in the U.S. and abroad. She participated in "100 Days: Summer 2009," a collaboration of artists producing a variety of work each day for 100 days. Ms. Gibb has presented at conferences, workshops and gatherings such as Hypertext 2008 and enjoys the interconnections of artists in all forms of expression. She maintains two websites dedicated to hypertext and new media forms (Hypercompendia) and to literature, writing and life's story moments (Spinning).

Artist Statement: Blueberries is a piece that I wrote shortly have spending over three months writing a new short story in hypertext every day. The form is one that I find so suitable to the open flow of narrative not only for the writer in the creative process but for the reader in choosing the paths that open up throughout the story. Blueberries is more than just the story of an artist putting together a show, as it brings the past confronting the present in her preparation and the hypertext form allows that interplay with time. I use Eastgate's Tinderbox software to write into because I find it so flexible and powerful to handle the needs and yet easy enough to use and translate into online presentation. I believe that the emergence of online literary journals opens the door to all forms of artistic expression that merges the senses into total involvement for the reader.

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