Andy Campbell is a writer who has been working at the forefront of digital fiction since 1994. He is the author of Dreaming Methods a website described by the Times Educational Supplement as “One of the most impressive purveyors of the new art of internet reading… a distinctive voice that couldn’t be replicated in print.” He is co-director of One to One Productions Ltd, creating and facilitating multimedia projects for charities, arts organisations and other bodies.


In an age where a great deal of narrative-based web content is generated to advertise and promote commercial products, TV series and movies, Dreaming Methods attempts to create highly original self-contained worlds which override the technological sense of being within a Flash movie, a document or a browser window; not through brand-association or advertising, pixel-perfect 3D graphics or outstanding writing which could be extracted, printed out and read from a sheet of paper, but by trying to find that almost indefinable quality through a blend of writing and other media that gives a piece of work some form of “life."

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