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Jason Nelson is a digital and hypermedia poet and artist. He is a lecturer on Cyberstudies, digital writing and creative practice at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. He is best known for his artistic flash games/essays such as Game, Game, Game And Again Game and I made this. You play this. We are Enemies. Nelson's style of Web art mergers various genres and technologies, focusing on collages of poetry, image, sound, movement and interaction. Nelson's art portal, secrettechnology.com, won a Webby award for the Weird category in 2009. 'This is How You Will Die' won the First Panliterary Award for Web Art from the Drunken Boat Literary Journal; "Countries of a Uncomfortable Ocean (which bundles two of his art games) won the Biennale Internationale des poètes en Val de Marne for Media Poetry in 2009 and "The Bomar Gene" won the 4th International Prize "Ciutat de Vinaròs" on Digital Literature.


A Statement of sorts:

This strange island continent and its ever dry center and clusters of wooded sea tethered cities is compass confused. European colonizers are forever pointed north and west, pining for California culture or European roots, the indigenous population is pulled towards the center, a home where cartographic directions and menus are irrelevant, and an economic engine and future reality that spins hard, thick arrows pointing east. The rest of the world sees this place, this strange residual of British Empire as down, forever down. Wide and Wildly Branded uses the compas as an interface, a rounded guide to poetic lines. The top and bottom, the north and south textual lines are at odds, contrasts abstract and relationship/directionally confused. The background video was shot while lost, hiking by a creek that turned into two creeks and then four, pathways alike and specific, threatening and alluring enough to entice wandering. Turn
and play along a downward compass, the antarctic, the antarctic.



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