Sunflowers on Quaker Church Road

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One was so impressed, cycling by this remote field, that he had to show it the other; she was impressed too. They decided to use the location, and some everyday cell phone snaps, to start an artwork. Using Flarf method, and other digital technologies, including non-linear audio mixing and Flash, we built our own Sunflowers on Quaker Church Road.

Experiencing the field together one afternoon resurfaced an older conversation about Googling in tandem, or searching alongside one another. Together, but seeing vastly different results. Our image sequences are simple, the texts more complex, a performance of each’s writing, reading, interpreting; a telling of a flower field, of a moment; a moment in which we wanted to add words to petals, rhythms to stalks.

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You might find a secret code or two here. But a question remains: was Dolley Madison solidified in her own time?

By Chris Funkhouser and Amy Hufnagel