The Rules

There are no rules.

Well, perhaps there are, but “rules” is such an ugly word, isn’t it? Let’s just say there are no rules except those of communication, knowledge, and identity. What I present to you here instead is an offer, an invitation—just a few suggestions in terms I’d like to think you can’t refuse.

You are invited to solve the mystery contained herein by uncovering clues linked to images. The search will lead you down back alleys, empty hallways, wooded trails. You must decide which characters to engage with, which objects to investigate. Choose carefully that upon which you click, for the red herrings will only keep you from your goal. You must uncover every clue to win the game. Your score (in the upper right-hand corner) will be your constant traveling companion. (We’ll leave aside for now the question of whether winning or losing represents the superior outcome.) And if you choose not to accept this friendly invitation? Well, let’s just say there will be consequences.