The Tell-Tale Orb

You wake up in one of those weird funks, one of those hazes that arises from coming to in-between a dream about being Bob Dole's babysitter (he suddenly has kids again, kinda like that 92-year-old dude who just became a new dad) and one about running from the cops because you ran the wrong red light on the wrong day, chump. Did the dog wake you? No, he's snoozing at your feet. Outside: a scuff, a hum, a mother bird yaps - you faintly remember a chime, thought it weird at the time that when the cop opened his mouth to speak, only bells came out. Ah yes, of course, the doorbell rang! In order to see who (or what) is there, you'll have to actively choose the "door" instead of the "dreams," shoo off the dog, drag yourself out of bed. Go ahead, then, find "dreams" at the top of the screen and change it to "door."

You're clearly restless and ready to get up.

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