camberland is an interactive creature built/born by Jason Nelson and Alinta Krauth. An interactive poetic exploration of adventuring through the camberlands Navigate to the five sections >>>>
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..Two degrees near the floor:: 77=3.14Bodies are basically just big boxes
to stop your blood falling out,
But a heart still beats like branches on tin,

Like a green in a red,
Like a slow loris in a fast-forward.

                Deep knee bend with feet parallel:: 3=99.0002The cool thing about tennis
is when Megan sits in the umpires chair.

We dragged that chair out onto the oval one day;
looked fucking brilliant out there,
All chrome and bright straight up to her sweaty thighs.

        Slight contact between the fingers:: 0.1=0.2The bus stop is where we like to fan girl online
And Baz is always drinking that fuckin soup
Like holy sheit spent 100 dolla on diz soup

Like, what the fuck, Barry.