camberland is an interactive creature built/born by Jason Nelson and Alinta Krauth. An interactive poetic exploration of adventuring through the camberlands Navigate to the five sections >>>>
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Weighty, as if pulled down by gravity:: 147=000Crush, Crush,
the speed and heavy petrol
spilling into cylinders,
an explode in pedals

and attention seeking curves,
crushed as yellow lines
always closing always closing.

        An empty circle as a head 42=43.42her legs are magnets,
dragonfly wings
for the passenger windscreen,

and vents compress atmosphere
into a steel encased storm,
and windows open to the front

        A passive motion, unfolding 010=011010110destinations are unimportant,
useless fodder

when she is melted within
the steering distance and sadly
next week will be the last

or forever first.