Fall 2015 Contributors

Loss Pequeño Glazier

Loss Pequeño Glazier (USA) is a poet, Professor of Media Study (SUNY Buffalo, New York), Director, Electronic Poetry Center, and he is Director of the first and longest-running international series (including festivals in London, Paris, Barcelona, and Buenos Aires), the E-Poetry Festivals and Artistic Director of UB's Digital Poetry & Dance series. He directs the on-going Electronic Poetry Center (epc.buffalo.edu), the original and most extensive Web poetry center. A bi-cultural poet, he has a keen interest in mixed languages, literary translation, natural language variance, and multiples of language sense, interests reflected in his digital work. Glazier authored the first book-length title on the literary electronic literature, Digital Poetics (Alabama, 2002) and Anatman, Pumpkin Seed, Algorithm (Salt, 2003), Small Press (Greenwood, 1992), and the acclaimed digital works, "White-Faced Bromeliads on 20 Hectares" (1999-2012), Io Sono at Swoons (2002), and Territorio Libre (2003, 2010). He is author of the recent quartet of digital/multimedia works, "Luna Lunera" ("Mudéjar, Alcázar", "The Not-moth", "Four Guillemets", and "Etymon / Encarnación"), structural explorations of computer strings as literary poetry. ("Four Guillemets" was published in The New River, Fall 2012). Glazier is also the author of numerous poems, essays, film, visual/concrete art, sound, digital works, and projects for dance, music, installation, and performance. Works can be found at his author page (http://epc.buffalo.edu/authors/glazier/).

Freddy Fuentes

Freddy Fuentes is a 3rd year MFA in fiction at Virginia Tech. He just went to Cuba.

Nora Salem

Nora Salem is pursuing an MFA in fiction and a graduate certificate in Gender Studies at Virginia Tech.