Spring 2016 Contributors

Ana-Christina Acosta Gaspar de Alba

Ana-Christina Acosta Gaspar de Alba is a 3rd year MFA in fiction at Virginia Tech. A dual citizen of Mexico and the US, she strives to write in the space where stories and languages intersect. She fondly remembers a time before a wall threatened to mar that space, and hopes "Lotería" serves as a reminder that there is beauty and kindness on both sides of the border.

Stuart Moulthrop

Stuart Moulthrop is the author of Victory Garden (1991) and several other works of digital ficiton and poetry, including “Reagan Library” (1998) and “SC4NDA1 in New Media” (2011). He teaches at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and with Dene Grigar is the author of Traversals: The Use of Preservation for Electronic Literature.

Matt Hall

Matt Hall was born in Memphis but considers New Jersey home. He is an MFA in Creative Writing candidate at Virginia Tech. His greatest fear is that he will be abducted by aliens.

Mariana Sierra

Mariana Sierra is from Puerto Rico. She will complete her MFA in Creative Writing at Virgina Tech in the spring of 2017. She's married to a pretty cool gringo named Matt and their lives pretty much revolve around the world's cutest sato (español for Puerto Rican mutt), Evie.