Composition of _We Descend, Vol. 2_ was begun in the hypertext authoring program Storyspace v1.75 and continued in vv2.0 thru 2.5.1. When Mark Bernstein's program Tinderbox became available, work was migrated from Storyspace to Tinderbox v4.0; the final Tinderbox implementation of _WDvol2_ was completed in v5.12.3.

All work on this second volume of _We Descend_ was performed on laptops, first on a Macintosh PowerBook 520 (grayscale display) named Thor, then on an original iBook (clamshell model) affectionately known as the iToilet, then on a refurbished aluminum PowerBook G4 (if it had a name, it never told anyone), and finally on a MacBook Pro (17" display, mid-2010) called Freya II.

Experiments were performed in Emberlight (sadly, now defunct), an online application developed by J. Nathan Matias and Fred Cheung, which displayed Tinderbox documents directly on the web, using a demo version of _WDvol2_ as a test file.

When Emberlight was put into hybernation, and Tinderbox underwent a complete redesign, it seemed prudent for me to try for a more universal implementation. The present instantiation of _We Descend_ has been hand-coded in HTML 5 and CSS 3, with the aim of being as responsive as possible to as many devices as can be accommodated. My text editor is TextWrangler; browser testing was done in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Vivaldi, as well as on iOS and Android mobile devices.