from Aric: [Postscript]

[Postscript in Aric's own hand:]

I dare not entrust this even to my utterly faithful scriptor, for if he but knows of its existence, it will put him in great danger. Before I was made Praetor, there was one order laid upon me that only three people knew about: the Golias, who gave the order; I, who carried it out; and your first master, the 8th Superius Frater at Mountain House, upon whom the order was performed. I am not sure why the Golias wanted it done, but I'm certain that the reason he wanted me to do it was to keep it secret. Perhaps you know why; I can only tell you that I made it quick, if not painless.

The moment he saw me, he knew why I was there. In the event, however, he seemed to welcome it, and assured me that he bore me no ill will. He also asked about you, but I told him I knew nothing. I don't know if that's what you'd have wanted, but there was no time or way to ask.