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In addition to being the putative author of "Historian's Notebook", the Historian appears as a character (or at least a referent) in numerous other Writings — by Egderus, Aric, the mysterious M[issionary], and the Scholar who curated most if not all of the others' Writings generations later.

This concomitant has made it possible to work out a more complete (if still speculative) chronology of the Historian's life than can be done for any other figure in the archives:

The artifact from which the text of "Historian's Notebook" was originally extracted of course no longer exists, but it is described within its own pages as a kind of writing kit given him by his hosts, comprising stiff sheets of cured skin or bark upon which he scratched letters with a stylus fashioned from a sharpened stick or shard of bone.

Many commentators — the Scholar first among them — have found the Writing "Historian's Notebook" implausible enough to prompt skepticism about the archives as a whole, given the Notebook's complex (some would say overly convenient) intertwingling with so many other stories told therein.

But there is a countercurrent of opinion that regards this kind of pyrrhonism as mere literary snobbery, and admires the lyrical quality of the "Notebook's" portrait of an autochthonous people transmitting a deeper truth about the Remnant — and the entire culture of Egderus' time — than can necessarily be "proved" by mere evidentiary factuality.