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The people known as the Remnant cannot be positively identified. Three possibilities have been advanced:

The first two interpretations overlap significantly, depending on how one identifies the Ancients:

Of the four piquant examples of their sayings included here, two — {secrets} and {no certainties, no truth} — could be variants, derived either from successive Authors or from the same Author at different times. Those remaining, — {which is at fault?} and {promises & trust} — seem to be general maxims unrelated to the other two. All four come from a heavily damaged document in which was transcribed an incomplete (or abandoned) collection of such apothegms.

Additionally, "quotations" from the Remnant can be found in Writings from all eras encompassed by the archives — a phenomenon easily appreciated by the most casual Reader, and which may have motivated the project of gathering them into a single volume.

In a sense, however, the diasporic pattern in which they have been transmitted to us *is* the provenance of The Remnant and their Sayings, or can at least so serve until the roiling waters of warring theories have somehow been conciliated.