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According to Wired, The New York Times, and The Huffington Post
I am the most boring person in the world.
This is an undisputed fact.
I have been awarded the MBPW (Most Boring Person in the World award) three times:
once at the Bergen County Fair in Hackensack, New Jersey
the second at Wave Hill Gardens in the Bronx, with the other finalists and the MBPA Honor Guard.
the third at the Yonkers Race Track with the winning horse, X-Citement.
The winner's medal is made of bronze
and shows a sheep in tinted blue
against a cloud of raised ZZZs.
There was a total of eight billion contestants
and I came out on top
in the whole world
the winner.
Which brings me to the ledge of my apartment in New York City...
At sixteen floors up
I will certainly die if I fall.
In metaphorical terms
I am high enough to see my past spread out beneath me
an autobiographical altitude
supported by memory and empty air.
It's a so-so life
better than some
and worse than others
right in the middle of the demographic
where nothing much changes
as the ordinary meets the commonplace.
I have no wife
no children
no legacy
except my awards, of course,
which hang like family portraits on the wall of my den.
Looking down, I notice a few people below
their heads stretched back
to see the maniac above
whose life is much more interesting
now it is about to end.
Someone waves up at me
calls out
something I can not hear.
I smile
wave back
and jump.
image here
One of the winning criteria for my awards
and often cited by the judges
is my job.
It's not a paid job
or a job I need.
Thanks to a small inheritance from a great uncle I never met
I don't ever need to work again.
This inheritance was specifically cited by the judges
who stated in their final report:
image here
I am self-employed, and my job
is to collect and know
everything there is to know
about airport signs.
Not just the ones we see on roads
directing us toward an airport
but signs inside the airports, too.
The semiotics of airport signs are captured in symbolic images
that cross all languages and cultures:
food and drink
bodily functions
Signs also help us move
from one sign
to the next
so we do not get lost.
Sometimes, as I read the signs
I wonder if there is a message
I am missing.
But as the judges kindly said:
image here
image here
image here
image here
A second winning criteria was "looks."
This is an area in which
according to the report of the MBPW judges
I excel:
unmemorable face
image here
average height and weight
image here
no scars or markings
a perfectly ordinary male with white skin
not worth a hello
a goodbye
and invisible
in crowded places.
I am so ordinary
people often forget we have met
within minutes of our first hello.
"Do I know you?" they ask
and shake my hand again
as if we have never met before.
It is true
sometimes not being remembered
makes me down.
But I have airport signs
to find
and study
and no time to waste.
My ordinary looks are confirmed by the judges:
image here
image here
I am the perfect nobody
and according to the MBPW
nobody in the world
is a better nobody
than me.
image here
Two other winning criteria were "diet" and "daily habits."
I eat the same thing every day.
Breakfast at 8:15am includes one bagel with plain cream cheese
image here
and a glass of orange juice.
image here
Lunch at noon includes a bologna sandwich
image here
and a glass of water.
image here
Dinner at 8:00pm is a TV Dinner
image here
sometimes chicken
image here
sometimes turkey
image here
and a glass of 1% milk.
image here
It is a bland diet
and some days I regret my choices
and wish for a yogurt
a soda
or a bar of chocolate.
But there is no snacking between meals
as that requires a trip to the kitchen
which interrupts my study of airport signology.
I also have a set schedule of daily chores:
image here
At 9:30am, for exercise, I take a brisk walk around the block.
image here
At noon (while I am eating lunch)
image here
I watch
image here
to see what flights are cancelled
image here
or delayed.
image here
At 3:15pm, I take another walk around the block.
image here
At 8:00pm until 9:00pm
image here
while I am eating dinner
image here
I watch TV:
image here
and then more TV
image here
until 10:00pm, when I go to bed.
image here
I do not dream
image here
or at least
image here
I do not remember my dreams
image here
which according to medical studies
image here
is normal.
image here
Dreams could hint
image here
at something more in our lives
image here
and our lives
image here
are complicated enough
image here
as it is.
image here
My take on dreaming was echoed by the judges:
image here
image here
image here
The fifth criteria was "social intercourse."
Anyone who has talked to me
knows I am only interested in airport signs:
go this way
go that way
Go up
go down
rest again.
What is lost
can be lost forever
or found
and lost again.
Knowing my interest in airport signs
as part of the competition
the judges asked me to submit an example
of how they can be applied to everyday life.
So I told them about Sarah.
Sarah is a cashier at the grocery store down the street.
She is a plain looking woman
image here
average height and weight
image here
soft spoken
with habits so ordinary
image here
she could be anyone
image here
in the world
image here
if she wasn't herself.
image here
In other words, just my type
and a possible contender at the next MBPW competition.
She was sipping coffee under the market awning
when I showed her some airport signs on my phone:
"This is the sign for information," I said.
"But if the 'i' can also be construed as 'us'
all signs are a reflection of our secret desires
and a search for the self."
I continued...
"This sign shows us when our way is blocked
there is always someone helping us
to find a better path."
"And this?" she asked
swiping my phone.
"A terrific choice," I said.
"That is either an exit or an entrance
depending on where you are from
and where you are going.
It is the beginning of something new
or the end of something old."
"So it can be both?" she asked.
"For us, it is a beginning," I replied. "Or so I hope."
"I have to go now," she said handing back my phone
and she went inside.
Did I say something wrong?
Was I a bore?
Was there something
Sarah was not telling me?
image here
Each time I receive an award letter from the judges
is a new highpoint in my life.
The last was the best:
image here
image here
image here
image here
image here
image here
Of course, I was flattered.
Who wouldn't be?
But (I asked myself)
is this truly what I want
to be unknown
invisible to all
and made of glass?
Is this the life I want
to exist nowhere
but in my own head?
image here
Maybe it was my doubts
about my diet
or maybe it was my meeting with Sarah
but at that moment
I saw a different way.
No! I shouted
as I closed the Google search
I was working on
No, I would experience
one bolt of adventure
one unparalled event
to show the judges
I was more than nothing.
I was something
not just ordinary
but an exceptional human being
and not to be forgotten.
image here
Which brings me to the ledge of my apartment in New York City...
image here
The fall was faster
image here
than I expected
image here
my scream reaching me
image here
only after I landed on the two
image here
French poodles peeing at the curb.
They provided just the right
cushion for my fall
much fluffier and plump than they look
the owner's scream even louder than mine
as I got up
dusted myself off
and apologized for killing her dogs.
I went home
ate dinner
image here
and went to bed.
I was a media sensation for about a week
My MBPWs were mentioned
on Fox and CNN
but because of my suicide attempt
which was not boring at all
I was stripped of my title
and the awards were taken away.
Which is ok by me.
My life is quiet again
without the ripples
and waves
of a curious social media.
The semiotics of my days
are intact
and unchanged.
I still study airport signs
and shop once a week
eat a bagel for breakfast
sometimes with lemon yogurt
or an apple
on the side.
I had my first glass of red wine the other night
with Sarah
in her apartment.
We're going to see a movie next week
we don't know which one yet.
We are starting small.
Like me, she has a passion, too:
she loves to collect household paints
brush them on the wall of her den
and watch them dry.
image here
With thanks to:
Raphaël Parrée of edc4it
Hakim El Hattab & reveal.js
Voices: Elizabeth Licata
Some images supplied by:
Animation Factory
123RF Stock Photo