Spring 2018 Contributors

Serge Bouchardon

Serge Bouchardon is currently a Professor at Sorbonne University, Université de technologie de Compiègne (France), where he teaches interactive writing. His research focuses on digital creation, in particular digital literature. As a digital author, he is interested in the way the gestures specific to the Digital contribute to the construction of meaning. His creations have been exhibited in many venues in Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East. They have been selected in various online reviews (The New River, Hyperrhiz, SpringGun, bleuOrange…). The creation Loss of Grasp won the New Media Writing Prize 2011.

Ken Joseph

Ken Joseph is an Los Angeles-based musician with a focus on orchestration and composition.

Mark C Marino

Mark C Marino teaches writing at the University of Southern California and is the Director of Communication for the Electronic Literature Organization

John Murray

John Murray is a PhD student studying computational approaches to narrative at UC Santa Cruz as well as CTO and cofounder of an AR startup, Seebright.

Joellyn Rock

Joellyn Rock teaches digital art and filmmaking classes for UMD's Department of Art&Design. Her creative work includes digital print, interactive narrative, and experimental multimedia in a range of hybrid text/image/video projects.

Jody Zellen

Jody Zellen is a Los Angeles based artist who works in many media simultaneously making interactive installations, mobile apps, net art, animations, drawings, paintings, photographs, public art, and artists' books. She employs media-generated representations as raw material for aesthetic and social investigations. She also thinks about ways to integrate interactivity and technology into her works.

Tali Cohen

Tali Cohen has many hometowns. She is a poet and current MFA candidate at Virginia Tech. She hold a BA in Philosophy from the University of Tampa. Her writing can be found in Bridge Eight, Forklift OH, and elsewhere.

Devin Koch

Devin Koch is an MFA candidate in poetry at Virginia Tech; a queer poet from Nebraska and former managing editor of the minnesota review. His poetry has appeared in Laurus and is the winner of the Marjorie Stover and Vreeland award. Find him at devinhkoch.com.