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This time around we bring you M. D. Coverley's Fibonacci's Daughter, a multimedia narrative that takes as its subject matter the mall voodoo of one Annabelle Thompson. Annabelle's business, The Bet Your Life Shop, sells insurance against the failure of dreams. It's an enterprise that strikes me, given the current state of our union, to be a small piece of entrepreneurial genius. Unfortunately, Annabelle runs into a problem or two, complications which, fortunately, serve to entertain readers on their narrative journey. Among the many things that M. D. Coverley (aka Marjorie Luesebrink) does wonderfully well in Fibonacci's Daughter, I find myself most impressed with the way she uses images and sound to create a magical atmosphere appropriate to her tale. In a piece of truly hypertextual storytelling, Coverley provides her readers with multiple paths through a swirl of events, all revolving around Annabelle Thompson and her uniquie enterprise. It's a story that rewards the reader with its amusments and its insights, while illustrating a variety of structural possibilities in multimedia storytelling.