Alan Sondheim

Alan Sondheim is a poet, critic, and theorist who writes on and about the Internet. His books include Disorders of the Real, and the Anthology Being on Line. He co-moderates several e-mail lists, including Fiction of Philosophy, Cybermind, and Cyberculture. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with cat and cacti.


Joel Weishaus

Joel Weishaus is a literary artist whose digital work is hosted by three universities. Over the past thirty years, he has published books, poems, and essays, along with exhibiting his texts in museums. Residing in Portland, Oregon, Weishaus reviews poetry and poetics for several newspapers and journals, and is Visiting Faculty at Portland State University’s Center for Excellence in Writing. His homepage is

It began with a message: “Wondering if you’d like to collaborate on a project with me,” that lengthened into a trace reaching for a hold. Both of us raised in the same tradition, as in standing and walking away, ideas and incidences from five thousand years of seeking what passes for truth were stepped up to and gone over.
We’ve never met. Facing different oceans, a long scroll turned out where even conflicts agree on their sources, an inkling of those fractures in the mind of cliffs that through long dissolute nights pieced together moldering signs while faulting their own.

Joel Weishaus
Portland, OR
Summer 2003

Author's Note