Leslye Bloom

My "Hot Wax Computages grew from three decades of computer graphics experience and my need for personal expression through active, hands-on manipulation of media. "Hot" in the title fuses the temperature of the procedure and my intense physical, mental and emotional involvement with it.

I had some old work: dark, crisp enhancements of scanned plants --technically demanding, visually awful. So I experimented with a hand iron and doilies. Suddenly there was color, texture and interest instead of a field of hard, shiny black.

The process is joyous (when it works!) It is very risky. Melted wax and dried glue can not be restored with a keystroke. Movements must be large, fast and sure--so different from computer "mousing." Sometimes the results are a surprise. It is like painting--a dialog with the media.

--Leslye Bloom