Letters to the Editor

November 18, 1998

Dear Orange County readers:

In response to the feature article about the "Bet Your Life" store in the Mall, I think you have failed to see what is really going on. My neighbor's daughter has made many visits to the store. Annabelle Thompson has enriched her life. She was made Cheer Leader this fall, and she now has a boyfriend that her parents approve of. What she needed was a little self- esteem. Now she believes in herself. It's just the guilt-ridden moralists who want everyone to suffer through life.

Sincerely, Mary McCoy 


Dear Editor:

I have been following the stories about Annabelle Thompson in your newspaper. It's about  time that someone put a stop to this. Decent people should not be the target of the kind of scum that run 3-card monte, shell games, and other outright swindles and scams.  We have laws against fraud and deception. They should be enforced.

Randy Pederson


December 8, 1998

Dear Editor: The deaths of Jason Lanning and Kurt Anaka are a terrible blow to this community. None of us can rest easy knowing that a modern-day witch is praying on our children. This is just another example of the breakdown of morals that is possible when Godless parents let their children wander the malls at all hours of the day and night. Every one of us can recognize the work of the devil if we only will.

June Haversham


Dear Orange County Readers:

"Eadem mutata resurgo."  Most of you, including Annabelle Thompson, are delving into mysteries that are better left to the cognoscenti.   The Fibonacci sequences have been with us since Fibonacci convinced the world to change from Roman numerals to Arabic numbers.  The wisdom of these relationships was known by the ancient Egyptians and used by the ancient Greeks.  One challenges fate, plays with these certainties --at one's peril, to be sure.  To employ the sacred, mystical numbers to win football games is folly.  I change, but I reappear again.

MichaelAngelo Wetherby



January 14, 1999

Dear Editor: I see where they are going to re-open that den of trouble in the mall--the Bet Your Life witchcraft and numbers swindle. What does it take? Are you telling me that thousands of kids can be fleeced, two boys can get cut up, the police can allege fraud, and we let this go by with a shrug and a demand that we get back our rights to be fooled and murdered? Is there no end to human stupidity? We must take action. Those who will not remember history are bound to repeat it.

John Lanning