M.D. Coverley

M.D. Coverley is the pen name for Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink. Why the pseudonym? She is often asked. Because M. Luesebrink has plenty to do teaching full time at Irvine Valley College, keeping up with two sons, a daughter-in-law, and a significant other, and writing non-fiction on hypertext and folklore. She always has a list of useful things to do. M.D. Coverley, on the other hand, has only wanted to indulge in things creative, since age 8, when she wrote her first short story. The "D" in the equation is in honor of Sir Roger de Coverley, a fictional/fictional comic ancestor of sorts. Suitably removed from the constraints of the to-do list, M.D. Coverley is free to risk the wilds of cyberspace with experiments in multimedia narrative. She likes an open read ahead and "what if?" Califia, a multimedia novel, is forthcoming from Eastgate Systems this spring. Current web publications include: "Endless Suburbs" (Iowa Review Web), "Rain Frames" (Aileron), "Life in the Chocolate Mountains" (Salt Hill), "To Be Here as Stone Is," with Stephanie Strickland, (Riding the Meridian), "Pao-Lien and the Cave Dragon, Wu" (trAce Millennium Project), and "Eclipse Louisiana" (Cauldron and Net, April 2000). "The Progressive Dinner Party" (curated with Carolyn Guertin) is featured in Riding the Meridian, Spring, 2000. More fiction at Home. <http://califia.hispeed.com/>.

Author's Note