So you are about to enter into the sexual flow and movement that will be your life, as if stepping into a river. You are in body a girl a young woman standing on the edge of a dock at night and I don't know don't have any way of knowing what it is you're really thinking you are really doing out there at night a girl in a red coat at the edge of the dock looking out over the river.

You never saw that I was there looking at you though I was only a few feet away.

I lay on my side half asleep on the bridge of a friend's boat.

You appeared in the early hours of the morning I checked my wristwatch when I first saw you walk out of darkness surrounded by night breezes and bells clanging from a few boats rocking water it was a little after three in the morning and I was shocked when I saw how young you were a teenager alone on a dock at night you stood at the edge of the dock in a red jacket and looked out over water.

In the moonlight I could see your face I could see your eyes I was a shadow on a boat looking at a girl on a dock looking out with such sadness at moving water.