A woman once pulled me to her body. We were in the hallway of her house, there was no one else around. She took my arms by the wrists and pressed my hands hard against her breasts. You want me, she said. I know you want me. Then she pushed me away and went angrily to her bedroom where she slammed the door.

This happened in a time of drama in a time of confusion. She was married. Her husband was my friend.

I am a man now nearing sixty years old.

That moment, the river flowing fast.

She was right. I did want her. For a time, I loved her.

This was many years ago and she is long since dead. Her husband is remarried with a new family and I can still remember the feel of her youth under my hands the electric resilence of her body we were like a flame up there in the bedroom hallway I still don't know if I behaved as a decent man or a coward.

I want to reach across the darkness and embrace you not with lust but with gratitude.

A girl entering into the body and life of a woman.